Closing Department

In addition to providing full-service residential property management and asset management, MGRE also maintains a full-service Closing Department under the supervision of MGRE company Vice President and Director of Sales James Goldstick. Mindy Mintz, Karen Goldstick and Joyce Stracci coordinate all transfers, sublets and refinance applications at MGRE.

The MGRE Closing Department oversees all sales, resales, subleasing activity at our client properties.

Services include:

  • Coordination with Boards to determine, promulgate, and supervise sales, resale, and subleasing policies
  • Provision of sales, resale, and sublease application packages to owners and prospective owners/residents
  • Expeditious receipt, review, and processing of sales, resale, and subleasing application packages, and timely provision of completed application packages to Boards
  • Coordination of interview schedules, dates, and locations with the Board/Admissions Committee, owners, and prospective owners/residents
  • Oversight of Right of First Refusal applications in condominium resales
  • Performance as Transfer Agent for co-op sales/transfers