"What makes it hard is if you have a bad management company. Now we have MGRE and we are completely happy with them."
Laura Corwin, Board Treasurer

"MGRE is a remarkable firm. They give us the individual service we're looking for and the guidance that a management company is supposed to give. They are very responsive to the Board and they know how to deal with shareholders and tenants. Over the years, we've run the gamut of capital improvements, and we've had several emergency situations. MGRE has always kept the building running and they've always steered us in the right direction to accomplish our goals. Due to their expert management, we've had only one maintenance increase in 11 years, and there has never been a question of their integrity or honesty. I cannot say enough about MGRE."
Mary Ann Savarese, Board President

"MGRE does a very good job. Vice President Jim Goldstick is extremely knowledgeable. He is an expert negotiator, has a strong grasp of the law, and is always responsive. We were doing a total replacement of the elevator cab and when negotiations with the contractor became difficult, Jim was able to jump right in and be both the diplomat and the strong arm. We greatly appreciated it. I would recommend MGRE to any building."
Kate Schaub, Former Board President, Treasurer, Secretary

"MGRE is a very honest and straightforward company. Steve Greenbaum is very hands-on and they also have very good back office support. We hired them midway through a big capital improvement program and the way they handled it was terrific. MGRE really rose to the occasion. When we had a fire, they came right away, had a clean up crew working the next morning, and got things together. We're extremely pleased with MGRE. If I had to choose them again, I would."
Frank Daliendo, Board President

"MGRE is excellent. They negotiated refinance of our underlying mortgage and were essential in setting up our laundry rooms and in our recent renovation of the boiler rooms. We were very pleased with the way they handled the negotiations. They're always prepared for Board meetings, always very responsive to shareholders and residents, and we're very pleased with their back office. If we ever have a problem, we go right to Steve Greenbaum and he takes immediate and appropriate action. We're very satisfied with MGRE."
Leo Schmid, Board President