Steven Greenbaum

A professional residential property manager since 1980, Steven Greenbaum is directly responsible for the operation and performance of MGRE's Property and Asset Management divisions.

Mr. Greenbaum personally trains and mentors each MGRE Account Executive, ensuring the uniform superior competence of the entire MGRE management staff.

In addition, Mr. Greenbaum regularly reviews the results of the proprietary MGRE Building Inspection Report, which he designed and which provides a detailed ongoing account of each client building's current and projected structural, mechanical, and maintenance conditions. In response to the information contained in each report, Mr. Greenbaum also coordinates with all client Boards and their outside financial, architectural, and engineering professionals to preclude any potential problems and to budget effectively for future capital activities.

A Registered Apartment Manager (RAM) and New York Accredited Realty Manager (NYARM), Mr. Greenbaum has won multiple management industry awards for his expertise in the areas of financial management and major capital improvements.