MGRE President and Founder

Mark Greenberg is among the nation's most highly respected real estate professionals.

An acknowledged co-op/condo authority, Mr. Greenberg's visionary entrepreneurship resulted in his successful conversion of no fewer than 45 multi-family buildings to cooperative ownership in the 1980s. Today, in addition to overseeing every aspect of MGRE's operations, Mr. Greenberg is also a developer of single-family homes throughout the northeast.

Mr. Greenberg founded MGRE in 1980 in response to overwhelming demand for his superior residential management expertise. Since that time, Mr. Greenberg has evolved MGRE into one of the few residential management organizations in metropolitan New York recognized for both outstanding, innovative service delivery and an unwavering commitment to honesty and integrity.

Mr. Greenberg is responsible for the development of MGRE's proprietary management computer software, and serves as a financial consultant to lending institutions and Board of Directors/Managers in matters pertaining to debt position, cash flow, and investment maximization.