James Goldstick

Vice President James Goldstick is an award-winning expert in all areas of cooperative and condominium management, financial administration, and governance.

In his capacity as company Vice President, Mr. Goldstick serves as executive liaison to all MGRE client Boards, and works closely with company President Mark Greenberg on new business development and on the development and implementation of internal company policies and procedures.

Owing to his extensive expertise in the areas of residential real estate marketing, cooperative and condominium law and finance, and internal building policies and communications, Mr. Goldstick also serves as a consultant to MGRE client Boards, and is a frequent and highly sought-after speaker at industry conferences and seminars. A licensed, veteran real estate broker, Mr. Goldstick also administers the activities of the MGRE Closing and Sales Departments. Among other industry awards, Mr. Goldstick is the recipient of The Cooperator's 1999 Leadership in Management Award for Financial Management.