The unique TEAM MGRE approach to residential property management ensures that every property we manage enjoys maximum structural, mechanical, and financial stability, meticulous financial management and oversight, uninterrupted responsiveness and communication, and ongoing attention to every aspect of its operation and quality of life.

TEAM MGRE is all about expert cooperation. From the hands-on MGRE Executive Committee made up of company Founder and President Mark Greenberg, Chief Financial Officer and Controller Cynthia Dubensky, CPA, Vice President and Director of Sales James Goldstick, and Director of Property Management/Asset Management Steven Greenbaum, RAM, NYARM, to our office manager Betty Aiken and your MGRE Account Executive, to the bookkeepers and back-office administrative support staff assigned to your property, everyone on TEAM MGRE works together to deliver the highest level of reliable, responsive, courteous, and honest management to your building, its owners and residents.


About TEAM MGRE's Approach to Residential Property Management

The MGRE Account Executive assigned to your property is responsible for all facets of your building's ongoing and long-term operations. Expertly knowledgeable, your MGRE Account Executive will proactively bring to the Board matters that require discussion and decision while attending on a daily basis to all building structural, maintenance, and staff matters, legal and regulatory issues, interactions with your property's outside professionals, and owner and resident inquiries and requests.

Your MGRE Account Executive will attend all regularly-scheduled Board and committee meetings to participate and provide professional input and advice. Supported by the MGRE Accounting Department, your Account Executive also will provide a comprehensive monthly Management Report - including a detailed Financial Report - in advance of each Board meeting. (This report, which also will be provided to your property's Corporate Accountant, is guaranteed to be delivered by the 15th of each month.)

In addition to your MGRE Account Executive, TEAM MGRE includes a corps of accounting professionals who will be assigned specifically to your property. Overseen by Chief Financial Officer and Controller Cynthia Dubensky, CPA, this expert accounting and bookkeeping team will handle every aspect of your property's finances, ensuring that your property receives the most effective, efficient, and individualized financial management.

Furthermore, under the supervision of company Vice President and Director of Sales James Goldstick, and Director of Closings and Transfers Mindy Mintz, MGRE's Closing Department will personally handle and respond to all sales, sublease, and refinancing inquiries and applications, allowing for the most expeditious processing of applications when the Board, your property's owners, and prospective owners and residents need it most.

TEAM MGRE is Available 24 Hours A Day, 365 Days A Year

At MGRE, we recognize that residential property management is a full-time job. So we make sure that we are available to the Board and to all owners and residents of your building during regular working hours, after hours, on weekends and holidays, day and night, every day of the year.

To ensure easy access to your MGRE professional team, every resident of every property we manage receives a Directory of MGRE Professionals, including a listing of responsibilities and all appropriate contact information.

After-hours calls to MGRE from Board members, owners, and residents are received by a professional answering service that reliably relays messages to the appropriate MGRE staff member.

TEAM MGRE is always immediately available in the event of an emergency.