Staff Directory

Contact any member of the MGRE Professional Team by phone at (866) 470-MGRE or (516) 944-5000 and the extension listed.

Executive Committee

James Goldstick Vice President 239
Steven Greenbaum Director Property Management 253

Account Executives


Steven Greenbaum Director 253
David Chase Property Manager 219
Jim Cotter Property Manager 254
Robert D'Amico Property Manager on site
Pat Ford Property Manager 227
Elliot Katz Property Manager 249
David Richman
Property Manager 222
Pam Silver Property Manager 259
Scott Soifer Property Manager 247
Richelle Neufville Property Manager on site


Accounting Department

Betty Aiken Office Manager 230
Susan Berliner Bookkeeper 245
Kim Clark Bookkeeper 236
Stephanie Laspina Bookkeeper 223
Kris Patterson Bookkeeper 250

Closing Department



James Goldstick Director 239
Mindy Mintz
Karen Goldstick
Joyce Stracci
Christina Wasswas 228

Sales Department

James Goldstick Director 239
Jan Asher Salesperson 303
Lissa Spiller Salesperson 302


Support Staff

Lakeisha Maynard


Valery Lipari Director of Management Asst. 225
Maria Trikouros Administrative Assistant 233
Taj Jackson Administrative Assistant 258
Mica York Administrative Assistant 241
Alicia Pais Administrative Assistant on site
Tameko Peart Administrative Assistant on site
Susan Fernandez Administrative Assistant on site